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After the colonization of 92422-06, 16 states were settled around most continents. Some, if not most, note parts have tooltips containing explanations.

State name Population (%) Hemisphere Notes
Celestuss 3,034,986,337 (21.45%) Shallow-northern deep-west Capital
Communax 1,778,544,441 (12.57%) Deep-southern center Outside-civics
Dra 15,564,032 (0.11%) Shallow-south -east Smallest state, richest average population
Draho-Quata 169,789,445 (1.2%) Deep-west Almost entirely elivated
Exaphin 406,079,757 (2.87%) Deep-north -west Ocean and land state
Fasura 1,559,233,074 (11.02%) Shallow-north -east Poorest state, produces the most military assets.
Forthua 1,349,826,091 (9.54%) Deep-north -west Nature preservations
Haloxin 2,283,668,041 (16.14%) Mid-south -west Planned sea naval base
Locus 363,632,396 (2.57%) Mid-west
Peich 700,381,462 (4.95%) North
Peich II 155,640,325 (1.1%) Shallow-south
Pitus 1,661,106,741 (11.74%) East
Sackha 131,586,820 (0.93%) Deep-north -west
Tsarmikho 216,481,543 (1.53%) East
Tshipano 140,076,292 (0.99%) Deep-east
Xaegon 188,183,302 (1.33%) Deep-north -west

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