AS-A3-D14 93422-06 (Can'dreo)


Galactic region

Arc 3

Galactic sector


Solar system

AS-A3-D14 93422

Orbital position




Surface gravity

1.0012 × Earth



Population 14,279,918,360
Prominent cities

(Gammetan) Celestus

AS-A3-D14 93422-06 surface

Surface map of The Planet displaying the rectangular landmasses.

AS-A3-D14 93422-06, Can'dreo VI, or Candrix, was a rocky planet located in Hydephiilo not far from AS-A3-D14 03040 (The Gammetan homeplanet). The planet itself was covered in spires of rock within small patches of dense forest. From orbit, the contrast between landmass and sea was, although hard to interpirt due to abundant clouds, often rectlangular. Two species (mainly) inhabit the planet, the Rannkorak, which is a massive bear-like beast with increadible features and predatory skills, and the Panechoua, a semi-sentient pre-hunter-gatherer species, looking like a Human with many more features. The Panechoua dominates the northern hemisphere, rich in forestland whereas the Rannkorak dominate the southern half, where most natural spulptures made from rock can be found.


Great Manchar warEdit

The Great Machar War was a war between the Rannkorak and Creisch, a creature using stealth and advanced senses to lure out it's prey, some 4,000 years ago. Although the two species were not sentient, they both lived without much hostility. It is unknown what triggered it, but Rannkorak all over the planet started attacking Creisch. At first, they started losing due to their lack of senses and stealth, but survival of the fittest began to take place. They developed a much bigger body and growth limit, which allowed them to produce more offspring and they soon dominated, and wiped out the Creisch.

Twin migrationEdit

Twin Migration was the event in aproximately 450ad that saw the Panechoua migrate south, and the Rannkorak migrate north, although in smaller numbers. Panechoua began weeding out the stronger of the Rannkorak and slaughtering them using their primitive pre-tribal, yet effective tools. Weak ones, easily countered were left to proceed down a normal path, which then neutralized the balance of power on the planet.

Slaughter of colonizationEdit

Main article: Massacre of 93422-06

The Slaughter of Colonization was a type-1 classified Gammetan operation which saw the death of over 600 million of the planet's inhabitants. The Operation was initiated by the Gammetan Commander-in-Chief, and was so classified that not even the Supreme Chancellor knew about it.

Post-Gammetan colonizationEdit

After the Gammetans cleared out the animal population, they replaced it with ones existant on surrounding areas to create a dense world with a high level of biodiversity. 16 States were set up on various continents.

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