AS-A3-D14 67432 was a solar system in Hydephiilo that was relatively close to AS-A3-D14 3040. It contained a small number of orbitting bodies as the solar system was old. Added to this, it had an outer layer of nebula which not only amplified it's light but distorted the hyperspace field. It didn't so much as prevent hyperspace, but distort the velocity, intensity, and direction.

Satellite List for AS-A3-D14 67432
Satellite Name Type Class
AS-A3-D14 67432-A1 Asteroid field Increadibly Dense
AS-A3-D14 67432-A1 Asteroid Field Light
AS-A3-D14 67432-01 Planet Terrestrial
AS-A3-D14 67432-N3 Nebula Contains: Geozium Harbonate, Chesminal, Broxium and Tarnum
AS-A3-D14 67432-ON Nebula Contains: Geozium Harbonate, Ximium Gas, Dihydrogen Monoxide (Water)
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