Designing military avionics

Date founded

June 15, 2010

Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta
Targetted locations
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization
Gammetan Military
Previous contracts
Current contracts

JamTek: JamTek C1


CEO Ghedgo

ADR, with no actual meaning, is a major military avionics design company for the Gammetan Civilization. It self-developes computer, navigation and sensor computers and arrays, mainly for craft, and has invested somewhat in targeting systems. It has contribued sensor and targeting systems to the now-defunct PBI-1, sensor and navigation systems to the Hydephiilan Yavinemot MPJC1, sensors, navigation and central computer systems to the Interplanetary Tomat Trade Station, targeting and navigation systems to the now-defunct JFO-2 Fighter and HelAux GT2, and is currently on a contract with JamTek to design new sensor and navigation systems for the JamTek C1. ADR is often seen as rivals of AG-F, though some also see them as the two avionic counterparts, the former tailored more towards craft and the latter more towards vessels.

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