2013/04 and surrounding dates

2013/04 is the April of 2013. It is the month succeeding March 2013 and preceeding May 2013.


April 4, 2013 1600 days ago

April 11, 2013 1593 days ago

April 17, 2013 1587 days ago

  • Capita Council session 62 is cancelled following the assassination of Drakonian ambassador Claire Faretel in the venue's lobby, resulting in the death of six other delegates (non-ambassadors). A Drakonian delegate was the perpetrator, though the Drakonian government did not own up to it. Meetings will be held at a venue on Alislore until the 65th session on June 2nd.

April 19, 2013 1585 days ago

April 28, 2013 1576 days ago

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