2012/01 and surrounding dates

2012/01 is the January of 2012. It is the month succeeding December 2011 and preceeding February 2012.


January 1, 2012 2061 days ago

The Klaorus Republic joins the Capita Council.
Hondrum Sireoss releases his second nation scale publication, adding five more civilizations.
The BlyDonian Civilization rings in the new year on BlyDonia Prime by passing several new forms of legislation to provide security within its borders against pirates.
A popular Appearence core news network posts an article titled "Yulair Seen As Enemy From All Sides", detailing the turn of events - from the public eye - that made Yulair an enemy of the Risuk Trade Federation, as well as Orin, and their involvement with "dark cults"

January 4, 2012 2058 days ago

TotallyToenails, the Supreme Doyen (executive leader) of Tudia, defects to the Tudian Rebels on Thyde, offering a lot of military intelligence.
Diety Dophilus, the direct cause of the Tudia rebellion, becomes both the supreme legislative and executive body of Tudia, giving him all the power.
The Tudian Rebels officially introduce a governemnt, making them a nation, and call themselves the Liberal Democracy of Thydian Tudia, or East Tudia for short.

January 5, 2012 2057 days ago

President Tax Pavan affirms that his administration and the BlyDonian Civilization are fully behind Yulair and its government. He is the first galactic leader to side with the Yularians since the news article released on the first denounced them and insulted their way of life.
The Capita Council announces it will be holding peace talks for the Orin-Risuk Trade Federation war.

January 7, 2012 2055 days ago

January 12, 2012 2050 days ago

The Capita Council introduces the civilization and government classification enactment (CAG-CECC), outlining government types.

January 14, 2012 2048 days ago

The Gammetan Civilization offers an East Tudia-backed ultimatum to West Tudia, demanding all forces on Thyde surrender in return for migrating West Tudians off the planet.

January 15, 2012 2047 days ago

The Gammetan ultimatum gets accepted by West Tudia, and their forces initiate a cease-fire. Talks will initiate on the 21st, by whihc time all forces are expected to be out of Thyde.

January 19, 2012 2043 days ago

An intruder alert in the Prime City Palace causes President Pavan to be taken into protective custody. The palace has since locked down, and the alert is still in effect.

January 21, 2012 2041 days ago

As planned, East-West Tudian talks begin, mediated by the Gammetan Civilization, over the status of Thyde, which has now been completely enveloped by Eastern forces.
The Gammetan Civilization colonizes AS-A3-D14 00254-04 (Hindina IV) as part of Project Expansion II, albeit almost two months later than planned.
The Tudian Peace Agreement begins its drafting during East-West Tudian talks, mediated by the Gammetans.

January 22, 2012 2040 days ago

The Gammetan Civilization colonizes Heilus-orgon as part of Project Expansion II, albeit almost two months later than planned.
West Tudia joins the Capita Council.

January 23, 2012 2039 days ago

The Gammetan Civilization colonizes Gelbius VI as part of Project Expansion II, albeit almost a month later than planned.
BlyDonian President Tax Pavan announces that at the moment no annual ball, in line with the 2010 one, is planned and that it is not likely to occur.
Bly returns from a long hiatus away from the galaxy.
The Gammetan Civilization celebrates two successful years in the Hydephiilo Galaxy.

January 24, 2012 2038 days ago

The Tudian Peace Agreement is finished and signed, officially ending the Tudia rebellion.
The Gammetan Civilization colonizes Teredona III as part of Project Expansion II, albeit around half a month later than planned.
Former President of BlyDonia Bly confirmed that at the present he has no intentions of getting into the government. He has instead been promoted honorary commander of the armed forces, a position equivalent with the Grand General rank. There are those that suggest that current President Tax Pavan will become a puppet and that Bly will have a large say in what goes on inter-galactically, however he denies that, saying that he has no influence or control over the Executive Office.

January 25, 2012 2037 days ago

The Gammetan Civilization colonizes Binti, as planned, as part of Project Expansion II.
The Lunor Republic renames itself to just Lunor.
The Gammetan Civilization offers a mass-migation scheme plan to the Naasad Civilization, which proposes that starving Naasad civilians be taken from their worlds and become temporary citizens of Gammeta, living in the proto-colonies of Project Expansion II. Morbius is yet to respond.

January 27, 2012 2035 days ago

Morbius rejects the Gammetan proposal, to much disapproval of the government.

January 28, 2012 2034 days ago

The Yavinemot MPJC1 is introduced.
The Naasad Civilization, against Morbius' will, creates the National Forum, which aims to be a constitution and semi-legislative-executive body for the previously unconstituted monocracy.
The Naasad Civilization's National Forum accepts the Gammetan proposal of three days ago which Morbius did and still does reject. They will have the Gammetans send 450 batches of 10,000 people (total 4,500,000) from Gluu'u'naa to Gammeta's Appearence colonies at a rate of five batches per day (transportation will end April 27, 2012).

January 29, 2012 2033 days ago

Aetheria, the Empire of Drakonia's galaxy, re-enters the Appearance unvierse, after a year and a half in its own isolated pocket universe.
Morbius, dictator of the Naasad Civilization, has seven of the 228 ministers in the National Forum arrested, as well as two more of his 12 lead ministers.

January 30, 2012 2032 days ago

BlyDonian, Gammetan, and Tournan vessels remain at the edge of the Aetheria Galaxy, debating whether or not to enter into the galaxy. President Tax Pavan has taken the Conspiritor back to BlyDonia Prime to return to the government.
Lunor President Tothor Joesey is assassinated while giving a speech on Plaroa. The top Lunoric Government officials are whisked into protection as the hunt for the assassin continues.

January 31, 2012 2031 days ago

Juxta Designs, a Gammetan company announces its indefinite shut down, meaning the JFO-2 Fighter, an in-progress space-oriented craft, will cease development

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