2011/06 and surrounding dates

2011/06 is the June of 2011. It is the month succeeding May 2011 and preceeding July 2011.


June 3, 2011 2241 days ago

The Gammetan Navy deploys task force Requidem to patrol the Nova Region.

June 4, 2011 2240 days ago

The BlyDonian Civilization celebrates its one year anniversary since its reformation.

June 5, 2011 2239 days ago

The BlyDonian Civilization signs a peace treaty and enters in diplomatic relations with the Klaorus Republic.

June 7, 2011 2237 days ago

A demand by the Hydephiilan Senate to remove the bonus currency system of Gammeta causes it to demote its status from advisal to allowed.
Protests occur in Tudia following a new bill introduced by the Theocrat, Dophilus.
The Capita Protests 2011 cease after an opinion poll demonstrates how much of the population supports them.

June 8, 2011 2236 days ago

Nirvana Crisis

The BlyDonian Civilization continues to pressure the Gammetan Civilization on a conclusive battle.
The BlyDonians state they will not assist in a battle if a the goal is to salvage the ship.
The Bion Federation Viceroy Tukas agrees with BlyDonia, and states the Nirvana must be destroyed.
In the time between agreement, the civilizations have agreed to wait.
The Gammetan Military calls for a meeting between BlyDonian and Gammetan officials to discuss the crisis.
Tudia Protests 2011
The Wings and Fist of the Doyen (air and ground forces) are called to duty
3 protesters are killed and 62 are wounded when the the Fist fires in to a crowd
Riots occur on the planet Thyde.

The Gammetan Civilization meets the Klaorus Republic

June 9, 2011 2235 days ago

Tudia Protests 2011

A further 43 protesters are killed and 143 wounded as riots continue on Thyde
Protests downsize on Toepia, Phaitune III, Phaitun IV and Phaitune V

June 10, 2011 2234 days ago

The BlyDonian Civilization publicly denounces the Tudian Theocracy for their violence, but states they will not take any actions against them.

Tudia Protests 2011
Protests calm on Phaitune III, IIX and Tudia.
Protests cease completely on Phautune IV
Tscry, the biggest city, declares a majority support for the bill
Protests spread to Dirlior, Teidora, Capca, Concen, Fimdilo and Oprara (all visible on this map)
Rioting starts in Difing (second largest city), Plyne and In'tilla
The first casualty in Naeyah occurs, and military incursion is sparked.
In suit with the capital city, Veldelo, Camonbrak and Domidora declare majority support for the bill, and protests stop in Moktoko and Domoldo
A further 65 protesters are killed and 56 wounded in a major bombing run by the Wings of the Doyen in Kamfala
3 citizens are trampled to death during a battle between police forces and rioters in Theid, with 4,020 arrests.

June 11, 2011 2233 days ago

The HelAux FS16 is rejected as a new craft for the Gammetan Air Force.

Tudia Protests 2011
The Tudian government meets to discuss the status of Theid, in which many of the government officials, including TotallyToenails, support exempting the Bill from Kamfala and Theid. The Theocrat denounced the meeting.
The Wings fire on several interplanetary transports containing around 6,000 Anoisians and 3,200 others. All are killed in the massacre.
The Fist of the Doyen is deployed to Ak Insur and Thied, both of which already have casualties.
The Wings of the Doyen is deployed to Dirlior when riots break out over control of the central building.
Protests begin in Colsull
Buint declares its support for the bill.
Riots and protests in Binghe cease, as the governor has declared to not obey the bill. She will petition for Binghe to be included in the exempt.
Tsyme riots revert back to protests
The Fist fires in to a crowd which blocks the path of the governor, killing 66 and wounding 231.
Protests begin in Moktoko and Csinter
Police panic when riots break out in Spead, and fire in to a protesting crowd, killing 5 and wounding 12.

June 13, 2011 2231 days ago

The Final Ships of the Constellation Class Capital Ship, a new model from the BlyDonian Civilization, are completed.
The Unidia Republic applies for membership in the Capita Council in order to attract more immigration (not announced)
The Lunor Republic applies for membership in the Capita Council in order to improve foreign relations (not announced)
The Fzanti Empire applies for membership in the Economic Minority League in order to improve foriegn relations (not announced)
Gammeta and Techia are replaced by the Bion Federation and BlyDonian Civilization as chair member in the Capita Council elections.

June 14, 2011 2230 days ago

Nirvana Crisis

The Joint Exploration Unit encounters a probe of unknown origin heading towards The Appearence Galaxy. The BlyDonians will call an emergency meeting of the Capita Council on BlyDonia Prime shortly.
The Cora is deployed to investigate

June 17, 2011 2227 days ago

Nirvana Crisis

The Cora arrives at the probe, and is ambushed by the Nirvana.
The Third Nirvana Battle occurs.

June 18, 2011 2226 days ago

Wolf and the Gammetan Military sign an agreement over the Cora
The Tournan Hive Ship mk II is raised from its dormancy on Sanctuary. (See Warden's Finale.)

June 19, 2011 2225 days ago

Tudia Protests 2011Thyde

The military intervenes and casuses casualties in Deidron, Thied, Lougery, Ak Insure and Naeyah
Non-military casualties occur in Spead and Awemenia
Hor Fick, Impresson, Dilshanti, Tuldora, Inheria, One and Buint express a majority approval of the bill.
Protests begin in Csinter, Moktoko, Phynae, Penidul, Collsul, Domdolo, Binear and Tsinear.
Riots calm to protest in Dilshan and Tsyme.
Riots begin in Teidora and Ak Iyum
Protests stop in Imwassa and Fimdillo.
Riots and protests stop in Binghe.

June 21, 2011 2223 days ago

Naga Krion, the Emperor of Drakonia, dies, leaving the Empire under the control of its senate.
The first meeting of the Sanctuaren Council occurs.

June 30, 2011 2214 days ago

The Unidia Republic is admitted to the Capita Council.
The Lunor Republic is admitted to the Capita Council.

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