2011/04 and surrounding dates

2011/04 is the April of 2011. It is the month succeeding March 2011 and preceeding May 2011.



April 1, 2011 2309 days ago

The N1, N2, N3B1 and B1 Battle Tank are announced.
The Gammetan Senate considers it's decision to make Fin Asura the Supreme Regional Leader during the Nirvana Crisis.
The BlyDonian-Jankan-Techian Nakar IV treaty occurs, settling how Nakar IV will be given to the Jankans.

April 2, 2011 2308 days ago

April 3, 2011 2307 days ago

The BlyDonian Civil War breaks out.
BlyDonian President Bly is succeeded unlawfully by President Jax Nano

The Appearence Democracy League is founded.
The BlyDonian Exile Government is founded on Salaskia.
The BlyDonian-Gammetan trade agreement is expired.
The BlyDonian Exile Government joins the Capita Council
The Capita Council is Reformed

April 4, 2011 2306 days ago

The AIL denounces the BlyDonian civil war, and claims that the populace is too militaristic to be tolerated. They also claim that the AIL has done nothing wrong, as the TEC acted without the AIL's concent in both the Yinto Crisis and the two subsequent treaties
Gammeta calls for talks between the ADL and AIL to be hosted on Teredona I around 17:00 EST today.
BlyDonia cancels its treaty with the Jankan Empire, the treaty discussed returning Nakar IV over to the Empire, and this is something that most citizens opposed. The legality of the cancellation was indeed disputed, however no conclusion was met.

April 8, 2011 2302 days ago

The Andur Empire leaves the Appearence Democracy League, realizing their hypocracy when President Jax Nano admits to be willing to sacrifise lives for a planet.
The coalition talks end as President Nano leads a walkout with his fellow ADL members.
The Wringon Republic leaves the Appearence Democracy League on the basis that it supports fully peace, which it does not think the ADL are trying to achieve.

April 10, 2011 2300 days ago

April 17, 2011 2293 days ago

April 20, 2011 2290 days ago

Luega II and Ioxia IX are willingly seized by the BlyDonian Exile Government. The cold BlyDonian Civil War heats up again, as fighting will likely begin between the Loyalist's Luega II and Ioxia IX, and the Oppositions Nakar IV and Li-Siao Major. The Planets of BlyDonia Prime and Iona Minor are split between both parties, and Julaska IV, Shur, and Sucan X are largely uninhabited, and thus have no standpoint.

April 26, 2011 2284 days ago

April 29, 2011 2281 days ago

April 30, 2011 2280 days ago

BlyDonian Civil War officially ends.
The BlyDonian-Jankan-Techian Nakar IV treaty reoccurs
The first Constellation Class Capital Ship is due in seven days, although inital ETAs were for today. Delays are due to the civil war.
The Appearence Democracy League reforms in to the Economic Minority League.

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