2011/03 and surrounding dates

2011/03 is the March of 2011. It is the month succeeding February 2011 and preceeding April 2011.


March 1, 2011 2361 days ago

The first BlyDonian Excalibur Class Starship is completed and becomes the flagship of the fleet.
BlyDonia buys the HelAux F15 from Gammeta.

March 5, 2011 2357 days ago

Nirvana Crisis begins, marking the new resolution of the Capita Council.

March 12, 2011 2350 days ago

The Stopher XKY is announced.

March 14, 2011 2348 days ago

The Kada Empire is admitted to the Capita Council.

March 17, 2011 2345 days ago

Yinto Crisis begins and ends as the shortest conflict ever to arise in The Appearence and marking the first ever active deployement of the Techian Navy.

March 20, 2011 2342 days ago

The Second Nirvana Battle occurs in which Gammetan forces managed to cut through the hull of the Nirvana, however found nothing and had to retreat quickly.
The Crusader Republic resigns from the Capita Council.

March 22, 2011 2340 days ago

The Reformist party (Yiin Cartunas) replaces the Sechen Conservative party (Taonus Gratus) as the leader of the Trade Emergency Coalition.

March 25, 2011 2337 days ago

The Andur Empire denounces the Appearence Imperial League during a speech to it's citizens, claiming they are an anti-liberalist force and that they only represent the interests of their governments as opposed to people. The speech gained massive publicity.
The BlyDonian Civilization announces it will begin launching patrols outside of its territory to look for The Nirvana, in hopes to find and destroy it.

March 31, 2011 2331 days ago

Bly announces that he has constructed a courthouse in New Salancia, a city rocked by corruption and other crises. He has also founded a police force there, and they made their first arrest, the notorious gang leader Bandio Lancho.

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