The 2008-2012 influx of civilization is an ongoing event which consists of the rapid founding of civilizations in the Appearence. It started in 2008 with the founding of the Lisianti Empire. Soon after, in late 2009, the Trade Emergency Coalition, BlyDonian Civilization, Gammetan Civilization and Yulairian Civilization were founded. In 2010, the Naasad Civilization, Hydephiilan Senate and Alsoras Republic and Tournan Empire were founded, although the latter as a result of military intervention, and is sometimes not included in the category, as it was more of a replacement. In 2011, West Tudia, Krexia, the People of Sanctuary, the Tudian Rebels, the Retathon Civilization and the Rising Moon rebellion were founded, then in 2012, East Tudia was founded, totalling seventeen (17) civilizations in only five (5) years, four of which were (and some still are) high powers. The cause of the influx is yet to be determined.

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